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Emblematic site in the history of Avignon, the Saint-Benezet bridge built from the twelfth century, was several tmes destroyed by spates on the Rhône Ruiver, before being rebuilt and finally abandonned in the 17th Century, before being rebuilt and finally left the state in the seventeenth century.

The bridge of Avignon is one of the most famous monuments in the world, and the famous song that helped a lot, since it is sung by children of all countries.

But if this bridge is famous, his story is less so.
The first time you discovered, it is surprising that it is truncated ...
Only four arches remain on 22 of its origin.
What happened? What is the event that caused this destruction?
Moreover, little is known about the true name of the bridge Saint-Benezet.
Who was this saint and what was his relationship with the bridge?

So learn the history and legend of this monument that around 400.000 visitors per year.